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Same Day Dental Crowns
Monroe, LA

Graphic of tooth over palm to demonstrate E4D same day crown dental technologyCeramic crowns can do more than just help to improve your oral health and restore your damaged teeth. They can also help to improve the overall appearance of your smile. The traditional method for creating crowns requires that you have two appointments. Sometimes, more is needed if adjustments need to be made. Today, thanks to advances in dental technology, Tim Perry, DDS can provide you with a crown in a single appointment with E4D Dentist® system.

Restoring Your Tooth in One Visit

The process for getting traditional crowns involves at least two appointments. The tooth is prepared during the first one, and the crown is fitted and placed at the second. If you need to have adjustments made, this could mean an additional appointment or two may be necessary. With E4D, all of the technology we need to make your ceramic crowns and make any adjustments is located right in our office. We can create your restoration in just one appointment.

Digital Impressions Mean Greater Comfort

Getting crowns used to mean having impressions taken using impression putty. This putty could be quite messy, as well as uncomfortable. It could also cause patients to gag, which could trigger anxiety. For E4D crowns, we take impressions digitally. This is done using a small handheld device that passes over your teeth and gums. The device captures your mouth and puts the impression onto a computer screen. No mess and no gagging.

Accurate Restorations

In addition to being more comfortable, digital impressions allow us to create much more accurate restorations. The impressions taken with digital technology are much more accurate. They also provide exact dimensions of your mouth. This means that there is very little chance that you will need additional impressions taken. It also means that your restorations are much more likely to fit the first time.

No Temporary Crowns Required

Because you get your crown in just one appointment, you do not need to worry about dealing with temporary restorations. These are the restorations that are typically provided while waiting for your final crown. They are meant to protect the tooth. However, sometimes, it can come loose or fall out. This can put the tooth at risk for decay, damage, or infections. With your final restoration provided shortly after preparing the tooth, you do not need to deal with a temporary crown. This helps to protect your oral health more effectively.

Strong, Natural Looking Crowns

Ceramic crowns are fairly strong. They can withstand most normal daily use when placed at the front of the mouth. You will be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods once again, without worry.

In addition to being strong, ceramic crowns also look incredibly realistic. We can match the shade of your real teeth to allow the restoration to blend in perfectly. Once your crown is cemented on to the tooth, there is no distinguishing it from the rest of your actual teeth. Even you might find it difficult to tell the difference.

If you need a crown for a front tooth, call Tim Perry, DDS at (318) 322-0576 to find out if E4D Dentist® system is right for you.

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Same Day Dental Crowns | Dr. Tim Perry DDS - Monroe, LA
In the past, it took several appointments to get a a dental crown. Today, thanks to advances in dental technology, Tim Perry, DDS can provide you with a crown in a single appointment with E4D Dentist system.
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